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Why Do Math and Science Work?

Although we often tend to separate them, math and science go hand in hand. We wouldn’t bother to learn our multiplication facts unless they actually applied in real life. All around us, there are consistencies. The universe operates according to a predictability–and that predictability allows us to record it using math. Without this predictability, modern science would be impossible! We couldn’t build airplanes if gravity did not operate in a consistent way :)

Yet why is the universe consistent?

The Bible teaches us that God created all things and that He holds them together by the power of His Word (Genesis 1; Colossians 1:16-17; Hebrews 1:3). It also tells us that God never changes–that He is a consistent, faithful God (Malachi 3:6). In a biblical worldview, the universe is consistent because a consistent, all-powerful God holds it together.

If we had an inconsistent god or no god at all, it would make no sense why there are consistencies in the universe. After all, if the universe is just a random collection of atoms, why is there such order and consistency?

The Bible also explains why man is able to develop math. In a biblical view, our brains are not just the product of random chance. Instead, the Bible says God made man in His image, capable of subduing the earth. Thus we’d be able to, in a limited way, observe and categorize the orderly workings of the universe using math.

The Bible makes sense out of the consistencies that make math and science possible.

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