How Do We Know Something Is Wrong?

What is the standard for right and wrong? If we’re not accountable to a Creator, then there is not one. We can each do what we want to do. Who is to say killing is wrong? Survival of the fittest is the only law.

Some might argue that the society and the laws of the society determine right or wrong. So if the society as a whole embraces mass genocide, does that make it right? Was Hitler doing good? He had his society behind him. And who, ultimately, can tell someone they’re wrong if they decide that the society doesn’t determine right and wrong? If there is no absolute authority for right and wrong, we end up in a quagmire.

The Bible, however, gives a clear foundation for morality, as it tells us we are accountable to our Creator and His Law. Anything that goes against His nature/revealed will is wrong.

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